A story of passion for winemaking


Since 1904, when grandfather Luigi began to cultivate the vineyards of the Morpurgo Castle, it's been a while, but the reference values arrived to date, within a family dimension that has always characterised the agricultural vicissitudes of the Pontoni family. The legacy of Luigi is collected from his children, dad Giuseppino and uncle Mario, who over the years have consolidated the winemaking tradition of the family.


We always thought that the secret of good wine is in an ancient alchemy between love for land and the relentless pursuit of the “better”, without exaggerations, deeply convinced that the family is the most harmonious environment for it to develop.

Pontoni today


The vocation for viticulture is now carried on by Flavio, who for years also offers the typical hospitality of the family in the bed and breakfast “Braides”. Ours is a typically Friulian farm, about 11 acres, 5 of which are vineyards. Each year we produce 30,000 bottles, with a wide variety of wines, both native and international. The company has always paid attention to eco-friendly agronomic choices.

A dialogue between man and land

“The Authentic relationship between man and land is ageless and is not learned by heart: it is cultivated day by day, as the tilling of the vineyard. For us Pontoni it comes from an intense and fruitful relation, made of sweat and talent, of circumstance and innovation, and care for the environment.” Flavio Pontoni