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Cookies are text files that sites you visit send to your browser, which are stored and then retransmitted on the next visit. Cookies can be used to monitor sessions, authenticate users (so they can access a site without typing user name and password every time) and store their preferences.

On this site we use exclusively technical cookies, to improve the browsing experience, but not strictly necessary to the proper functioning of the site.


We inform you about this site's usage of Google Analytics free service. In particular, we want to recall that the collected data is used only to learn about the most popular pages, the total number of visitors and the aggregate data of visits (such as the operating system, browser, etc). Users IP has been anonymized. The above listed parameters are stored in Google's servers who treats them according to these guide lines.

A user can turn off Google Analytics while navigating by using the available component for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.